I'm Ben Zeigler and I have 12 years of experience in the gaming industry, primarily in AAA game development. I have gained extensive experience in developing games using Unreal Engine 4 during my last 7 years working at Epic Games. At Epic I was the lead gameplay programmer on Fortnite and a senior engine programmer on the Gameplay Framework team. I have touched most of the engine and my knowledge is split between low level features like memory allocation/data serialization, and high level features like blueprints. I am now primarily focused on indie game development but I still actively work with the team at Epic to improve the engine.


  • Blueprints
  • Gameplay ability system
  • General gameplay programming
  • Engine workflow for programmers and game designers
  • Data loading and cooking
  • Performance and memory optimization
  • Complicated data-driven games


I spend most of my time working on my own indie game development or working on the engine, but I am also looking to work with companies or indie developers to help them better take advantage of the engine. I am interested in short term contracts primarily, either in person or remote.

I am very interested in:

  • Helping an experienced team transition to using UE4 for the first time
  • Working with small indie developers to take advantage of the engine
  • Working with gameplay programmers to architect systems that use blueprints efficiently
  • Fixing complicated bugs that interact with deep engine systems like serialization
  • Optimizing CPU performance and memory usage late in a project's development
  • Something else!

If you're interested, please contact me at ben@doublebuffered.com and we can work something out.