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PAX 2010, Steam Indies, and a Job

Posted by Ben Zeigler on September 13, 2010

It’s been a bit since I updated here, so I thought I’d share a few quick bits that piled up:

Last weekend I spent a great time at PAX 2010. Personal highlights for me where the Giant Bomb and Idle Thumbs (recorded a quick bootleg of The Wizard) panels, as well as the time spent with a bunch of my friends from the industry. Seattle is always lots of fun to visit, and anyone who hasn’t made the PAX trip by now absolutely needs to. The expo was pretty big this year, and I had a bunch of fun playing games of all types. SpyParty, Slam Bolt Scrappers, and NBA Jam were my personal highlights.

After I got back from PAX, I picked up 2 indie games on Steam, both of which I highly recommend. I talked a bit about vvvvvv before, and now it’s $5 on steam, which is an absolute steal compared to the $15 it launched at. I actually ended up buying it a second time, because I will pay $5 for a game to show up on my steam game list. Then, I picked up Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, which is a translated Japanese dojin JRPG shop simulation game combined with a dungeon crawler. In addition to being a crazy concept that I fully support, the game is a bunch of fun and well worth $20. I played about 8 hours of it over the last week to finish out the main quest, and there’s tons more content if you’re into grinding out all possible items. There’s a free demo for the game, so just try it yourself it it sounds interesting.

Lastly, I have a new job now! Starting in October (after my 2 week vacation to Europe), I’m starting as a Gameplay Programmer at a certain Unreal-related studio in North Carolina. I’m super excited because I’ll be working on high quality games where I get to use both my technical and design skills. I won’t be talking a whole lot about what I’m doing, but I’ll keep updating here with random thoughts. Expect more discussion of console-based FPS design in the near future as well as plenty of discussions about why the MMO sub-industry is doooooomed to failure.


4 Responses to “PAX 2010, Steam Indies, and a Job”

  1. Garner said

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I think you’ll like it around here. When you get there ask about the Triangle Game Developer’s Social (our once a month drinking social).

    Garner Halloran
    Insomniac Games

  2. Darius K. said

    Congratulations, and welcome (back) to the east coast! I expect to see you more often now 🙂

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