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The Game Development Stack Exchange Is Open For Business

Posted by Ben Zeigler on July 26, 2010

If you’ve never heard of StackOverflow, it’s a very popular site for programming-related Q&A site, which has largely replaced the sleazy, due to a hugely superior interface and community features. If you ever need to know anything about programming, that’s the place to go.

Well, the guys who run it have been expanding into other areas, and one of the newest ones is the Game Development StackExchange site, which is currently in Open Beta (snazzy name to come at a later date). I’ve had a bit of free time lately so I’ve been trying to help out over there, and it’s been a pretty rewarding experience. It’s up to more than a thousand active users and is growing every day, with already quite a few interesting questions:

But, there are still tons of unexplored areas, so if you have any questions about game development, be it programming, design, art, production, or marketing come over to the Game Development StackExchange and let a community of experts answer it for you. And hey, if you like answering questions and giving advice there’s no better place.


One Response to “The Game Development Stack Exchange Is Open For Business”

  1. Brian Dow said

    Lol. I had never heard of ExpertsExchange referred to as that, even after 2 years in the game development industry.

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