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GDC09: Plans For Awesome

Posted by Ben Zeigler on March 22, 2009

This week is GDC week, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m heading up Wednesday and Thursday and have a conference pass (Friday’s sessions looked a bit light, and there’s a lot to do at work), so I’ll be packing in as many sessions as possible. I’m going to skip the keynotes, because there normally isn’t anything you’ll get out of those that won’t be on kotaku later. Okay, Nintendo does like to give out free games at keynotes, so you might get something cool at Iwata’s. Here’s my preliminary schedule:



My plan is to blog my notes from the sessions I end up going to go, so look for that next week. Oh, and if anyone knows where all the cool parties are this year, drop me a note.


I posted links to my notes from the talks I attended up above. Hope they’re helpful


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