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Goodbye, Brodeo

Posted by Ben Zeigler on September 18, 2008

The GFW Radio podcast is no more, 6 months after the magazine closed. A few months ago, Sean Malloy left 1UP for game development. Last week, Jeff Green left 1UP to go work for EA, and this week Shawn Elliott left 1UP for 2K Boston. What was my favorite podcast is no more, and the main 3 people all left for development (Ryan’s great, but doesn’t talk enough to hold the show by himself). The podcast was the perfect mix of sophmoric humor and semi-pretentious deep insight into the theory of games. This mix worked WAY better than it sounds like, and it’s worth listening to some of the highlights, even if you’re not already a fan.

Shawn leaving means I don’t really care that much about 1UP any more, to be frank. My interests and viewpoints matched up very closely with his, and Jeff was always a good counterpoint to that. Also, from listening to this weeks podcast, it seems like Robert Ashley should probably leave soon, before he gets more depressed… Traditional games journalism is in a tight spot, and I feel like the changes will keep coming.

As for Jeff, and Shawn, good luck here in the world of development!


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