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Shacknews Gaming Quizzes

Posted by Ben Zeigler on March 16, 2008

ShackNews, which is a gaming news and community site, has been running a fun series of gaming quizzes. Once a week they put up an article that includes an interactive quiz, and you get graded each week. The most recent one gives you a bunch of concept art and you have to identify the game. This week’s quiz was fun but fairly easy, except for the spaceship one. I have no idea how you are supposed to identify concept art of space ships, because they all look exactly the same.

The first three quizzes are still up for taking, but you obviously won’t get credit for them. They deal with crate identification, RPG town music, and FPS sound effects. I can’t decide if I should be proud or horrified of my 4.17 GPA on the tests. Wait, nevermind, both.


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