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SQL Considered Harmful: Presentation Slides

Posted by Ben Zeigler on March 7, 2008

As I mentioned last week, Shannon Posniewski from Cryptic gave a presentation at GDC about SQL Databases and MMO’s. Well, today the Official Presentation Slides were posted on our corporate site. Go check them out, they’re in PowerPoint-inside-zip form. Make sure to scour the presentation for important company secrets, such as our exciting variable naming conventions.

Oh, and here’s the official title of the presentation, preserved for awesomeness:

Current Relational DBMSs are Inappropriate for Low-Latency, Controlled Working-Set Databases
and what we did trying to circumvent that
and how that didn’t work out very well
and what we’re doing now


3 Responses to “SQL Considered Harmful: Presentation Slides”

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  2. Thanks for posting! I’m engaged in my own database-oriented hubris right now, and I can definitely appreciate some of the points made in y’alls’ talk. I still disagree that writing your own database is the answer, but one way or another the proof is in the pudding, right?

  3. […] programmers. Getting 40k concurrent on one database server is impressive, ESPECIALLY one based on SQL. My understanding is that they have some hardcore SQL programmers who write a lot of logic in higly […]

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