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A Decade of Deus Ex

Posted by Ben Zeigler on June 23, 2010

10 years ago yesterday, Deus Ex was first released. I’ve discussed my irrational attraction to Deus Ex before, so I can’t help but be a bit emotional when I see the loving treatment Rock Paper Shotgun gave it yesterday. The roundtable verdict is particularly relevant. I have the exact feeling as the guys in that article: I am afraid to replay Deus Ex, as I know it won’t be the same now as it was when I first played it. Hacking around the Deus Ex mod tools (worked on an aborted Deus Ex Fortress that went nowhere), being a professional game-sausage maker, and being an adult know ensure that.

PC Gamer has also been running an entire Deus Ex-themed week, with some nice articles and previews of the Deus Ex 3. If you’ve never played Deus Ex, Taking Liberties is the best attempt I’ve seen to break down why Deus Ex is so important from a game design perspective. It has convinced me to go back and play the first level of it again, because I know that will hold up. As for Deus Ex 3/Human Revolution, I am largely avoiding all media out of a fear of getting overhyped or overcynicaled by it. It is a game, it sounds like it may end up being pretty cool. Art is pretty nice.

Oh, and it’s on sale right now on Steam for $3. $3! I already own 3 copies of it or I’d buy it again.

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